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Yimeide always puts improving the team's ability in an important position in the enterprise development strategy. Specializing in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the joining of aluminum alloy doors and windows, high-grade heavy sliding doors, window screen integrated bridge breaking windows, folding doors, and swing doors

the development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the team, and the quality, ability, and spirit of the team affect the development level of the enterprise. Yimeide always puts improving the ability of the team in an important position in the enterprise development strategy

everyone is not born to understand everything. Those who are born with ability should be improved through continuous learning in their work. While recruiting capable individuals, yimeide also pays attention to the cultivation of elite teams, giving full play to the potential of grass-roots personnel, and gradually cultivating them into backbones,

and then cultivating backbones into pillars, in addition to cultivating them within the company, Yimeide has also sent backbones to carry out outdoor expansion from time to time

cattle business competition

at the end of June, the elite team of yimeide arrived at the youth Military Academy in the South China Sea and participated in the fourth cattle business competition together. The activity lasted for two days. With yimeide, more than 20 enterprises from the South China Sea and surrounding areas also participated in the competition, which can be described as a gathering of elites. The first day of military training, strict discipline,

correct thinking, eliminate distractions, and cultivate the spirit of teamwork. The next day, we will share with each other, set goals and make military orders

military training

the training is divided into groups, and the elites of each company are dispersed to form new groups. The elites of yimeide are active in their respective groups, striving for

bonus points, and showing yimeide's energetic and high-spirited spirit in front of many "opponents"

personal sharing and goal setting

win good results

after two days of training, the potential of yimeide's partners has been maximized. They not only achieved good results in the competition, but also improved their personal ability, further mastered the skills of building an efficient team, and will return to the company for replication, driving the whole company to improve efficiency and improve the appearance of God

willing to learn is the most important

Mr. yimeixiong also participated in the activities. His views on enterprise talents are very real. He said that every employee is not required to be able as soon as he comes in. As long as he is willing to learn, conscientiously and continuously make progress, he must be a talent

>& gt;& gt; Ulantuya, the spokesman of imede doors and windows, and the 100 tour of "four seasons of flowers" were full of fans

>& gt;& gt; If you choose the right starting point, there will be unlimited business opportunities. Yimeide doors and windows invites you to jointly open the door of wealth

>& gt;& gt; Yimeide doors and windows will go to the next city, sign a contract with Shizhu County, Chongqing, and establish a franchise store

>& gt;& gt; Yimeide doors and windows joined hands with Shanren information to strengthen network marketing

>& gt;& gt; Yimeide doors and windows is also quiet for college entrance examination students. Cheer for college entrance examination students





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