Weiyi whole house is equipped with 5 core secrets

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2019 brand hot search! Weiyihao design | the whole house is equipped with five core secrets, all in order to give customers more convenient service enjoyment

in the future,

must be a more efficient life

in the matter of home decoration,

the consumer market is also waiting for a mode that can effectively solve the problems of home decoration.

Weiyi customization integrates the upstream, middle and downstream resources of the home decoration industry,

launches [good design | complete house matching],

layout one-stop home decoration development,

new service concept provides consumers with a more convenient service enjoyment

five cores have a comprehensive understanding of

good design

before customization, optimize needs

Weiyi customization has accumulated rich design data resources with the help of data mining, and the updated database every day helps analyze your actual living needs

for us, the most important thing is to optimize your needs with "good design". In the design process, we will fully consider the demand for beauty, optimal layout, strongest function, reasonable budget, etc

8000 + Weiyi designers nationwide provide professional design services and solve problems with "good design"

complete house

cover the needs of all housing types

"complete house" service covers all spaces of the whole house and all links of the home decoration process. It provides users with a home decoration service that covers the whole house decoration, customized furniture of the whole house, supporting facilities of the whole house, household appliances, soft decorations of home makeup and other bag occupancy standards, so as to realize "bag occupancy" in the real sense

"the whole house is complete" completely solves the pain point of "what you see is not available". In the past home design, there was always a situation of "the picture shows the recommended dishes". If you want to taste delicious, you have to "match" yourself

Weiyi Zhenxuan integrates high-quality soft decoration products, including paintings, decorations, bedding, tableware, etc., and a large number of home makeup soft decorations are available for you to choose from

[good design | complete house] consumers can buy the soft decorations shown in the effect picture

ai cloud design

is more intelligent than you think

when the designer designs a complete scheme according to your use needs, AI cloud intelligent design can render the map in 10 seconds according to the actual needs and the characteristics of the house space, and efficiently match scheme B and scheme c

let you have more and better design options on the basis of meeting your needs

intelligent manufacturing

manufacturing? Zhizao

Weiyi customization takes the lead in realizing industry 4.0 flexible mass customization in the industry. The independently developed IOT information system digitizes and intelligentizes the supply, manufacturing and sales information in production. While realizing efficient supply, it greatly reduces the error rate, realizes the precise management from "design" to "production", and ensures the rapid installation of your personalized customized products with high quality and efficiency

Internet of things technology

we will usher in a more intelligent lifestyle. Weiyi is committed to building the home Internet of things. Through the Internet of things technology, with customized furniture as the entrance, it ensures the integrity and beauty of furniture and intelligent devices, and designs the overall connection of space, people, furniture and intelligent appliances, so as to build an exclusive customized intelligent living space for you

good design | the whole house is equipped

5 core advantages

how fast, stable and economical is it

laiweiyi customized

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