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The brand, product quality and after-sales service of the wardrobe are all important references. Next, let's take a look at the current position of the top ten wardrobe brands in the Chinese market

in modern decoration, people pay more and more attention to functionality, not just beauty. This is especially true in the bedroom. Storage is one of the main functions of the bedroom, and most of the storage depends on the wardrobe. In terms of storage capacity, I'm afraid it's the whole wardrobe. However, there are many wardrobe brands in the market. The overall wardrobe is usually customized products. Consumers can't only pursue the appearance when purchasing the overall wardrobe. The brand of the wardrobe, the quality of products and after-sales service are all important references. Next, let's take a look at the current position of the top ten wardrobe brands in the Chinese market

ranking of top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe in 2016 (latest) No.1 guante

guante customized furniture (original Danish style), top ten brands of overall wardrobe, top ten bookcases/sliding door brands, top experts in wardrobe, consumer favorite brands, executive vice president unit of the furniture decoration industry chamber of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, and excellent Chinese home furnishing enterprise. Like a hundred Harry Potter in the eyes of a hundred people! A hundred people, a hundred also have different customized wardrobes, which change according to needs, and are the core of customized wardrobes

guante was established in 2003, and its headquarters is located in Shenzhen Qianhai, a "special zone among special zones". Relying on the headquarters economy, guante has developed steadily. By the end of 2013, the number of franchised stores had reached more than 300

in 2011, guante achieved brand upgrading from Danish style wardrobe to guante customized furniture. The production line is comprehensively upgraded, and the product style is more diversified. There are more than 50 patented technologies in the wardrobe field. At present, the high-end market share is more than 80%

top ten brands of China's wardrobe list 2016 (latest) No.2, hawker

Guangzhou hawker creative home Co., Ltd., top ten brands of overall wardrobe, top ten brands of moving door, one of the leading brands in the industry, outstanding home building materials brand in South China, famous trademark in Guangdong Province, famous trademark in Guangzhou City, favorite brand of consumers, the most influential home brand in South China, high-tech enterprise, A famous enterprise in the industry committed to the development of the overall wardrobe field

in the industry, haolaike is famous for its high cost performance, excellent quality and lower price for consumers. After years of development and reform, the products of haolaike have many different styles, covering all price levels, and forming its own brand characteristic product system. The company will always uphold and adhere to the "three best" concept (that is, the richest product style system, the widest price coverage, and the highest cost performance) and continue to innovate, change, and pursue excellence

China's top ten wardrobe brands ranking 2016 list (latest) No.3 novija

Guangzhou nuoja decoration materials Co., Ltd., wardrobe - top ten brands of overall wardrobe, customized furniture - top ten brands of customized wardrobe, China's preferred brand of green environmental protection, industry famous brand, home brand from Italian style, famous brand of whole house furniture customization, well-known furniture customization brand enterprise in China

in Guangzhou, China in 2000, several designers who advocated Italian design style and had Italian registration licenses gathered because of their common interests and ideals, and established Guangzhou Nuojia decorative materials Co., Ltd. to engage in home decoration design. The purpose is to introduce Italian design concept and human home into China, change the domestic traditional home style, and let every Chinese people enjoy the warmth of home. In 2004, seizing the opportunity of the customized wardrobe industry, the company established the "novija" wardrobe brand and set up a production base in Guangzhou, China

top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe ranking in 2016 (latest) No.4 Ruili IKEA

Ruili IKEA home furnishing Co., Ltd., top ten brands of overall wardrobe, top ten brands of moving door, well-known brands in the industry, executive director of China wardrobe Commission, leading enterprise in Anhui household industry, manufacturer and service provider of large-scale customized household products, most trusted household brands by consumers, and leading brand of whole house customized household

Ruili IKEA is a leading brand in the domestic home furnishing industry. After ten years of industry precipitation, Ruili IKEA integrates the essence of Chinese and Western home furnishing culture, integrates high-tech and fashion aesthetics with international standards and vision, and leads the trend of Chinese fashion home furnishing with the creative power of the first-class design and research team and a keen grasp of consumption trends

top ten Chinese wardrobe brands ranking 2016 list (latest) No.5 dewell

Guangzhou Dewell Furniture Co., Ltd., dewell wardrobe, wardrobe - top ten brands of overall wardrobe, China's well-known (famous) customized furniture brands, green environmental protection products, the most potential wardrobe brands, China's environmental label product certification products, dewell Furniture Co., Ltd., a large panel furniture customization enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales, Integrating design, R & D, production and sales, it is an excellent customized furniture enterprise in China

In 2005, Deville officially entered the customized furniture industry, took the lead in passing the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and built an exclusive production base in Conghua Pearl Industrial Park, which is known as "a strong industrial city". Subsequently, the marketing center moved to Guangzhou Tianhe Huajing new city, adjacent to Tianhe business district, with beautiful environment, convenient transportation, and all intelligent and comfortable office conditions

top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe list in 2016 (latest) No.6 Lami

Canada Lami International Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lami Furniture Co., Ltd., top ten brands of sliding door sliding door sliding door, top ten brands of overall wardrobe, Shanghai well-known brands, from famous Canadian brands, manufactured with the highest assembly process standards in the industry, and Chinese green certified products, A door enterprise famous for its excellent quality/exquisite workmanship

the wardrobe, wine cabinet, bookcase and cabinet series produced by Lami are made of domestic top environmental protection plate, Jilin Forest Industry Lushuihe plate (E0 environmental protection standard), and its sliding door, folding door and hollow partition sliding door are assembled with magnesium titanium alloy. Rami sliding door provides frames and panels of various specifications and colors to meet the needs of different customers. In terms of product appearance design, it also injects more artistic content. Unique shape design, excellent practicality, perfect together

ranking of top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe in 2016 (latest) No.7 fantini

fantini furniture (China) Co., Ltd., wardrobe - top ten brands of overall wardrobe, top ten customized furniture - overall furniture brands, derived from the French classic wardrobe design concept, green environmental protection household brand, type III environmental label certification enterprise, and a large modern production and design manufacturer committed to the overall wardrobe

"green, fashionable, beautiful, flexible and practical" is the design concept and style of "Fantine vatini". With romantic atmosphere, innovative inspiration, classical charm, attention to detail, simple, smooth and classic style, it is the representative work of modern French brands. The products serve successful families who pursue health and fashion. Through years of struggle, they have basically solved their survival problems, and then have higher requirements for the quality of life. A healthy and fashionable home environment can bring joy and satisfaction to their lives

top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe list in 2016 (latest) No.8 yadis

Guangzhou Hengya Furniture Industry Co., Ltd., yadis art, wardrobe - top ten brands of overall wardrobe, top ten overall furniture - customized furniture brands, director unit of China wardrobe industry professional association, top 30 enterprises of national wardrobe, famous enterprises in China's whole room furniture customization industry, and one of the largest customized furniture brand companies in China

Addis enjoys the reputation of "full Room Furniture Customization expert" in the industry, which is composed of wardrobe, cloakroom, integral bedroom, integral study, integral kitchen, integral living room, integral dining room, integral children's room, sliding door and other full room customization projects. Adhering to the brand concept of "happy home space designer", we are committed to creating a private, noble, perfect and personalized one-stop Furniture Customization experience for Chinese taste and fashion people, and providing successful people with a different fashion taste and a new lifestyle

ranking of the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe in 2016 (latest) No.9 OMAX

Guangzhou OMAX Furniture Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of overall household customized furniture, well-known (famous) wardrobe overall wardrobe brand, China's green environmental protection products, one of the preferred wardrobe brands for consumers, and a comprehensive well-known enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of overall wardrobe and related customized products, committed to creating fashionable, healthy Elegant and exquisite customized furniture products

Guangzhou OMAX Furniture Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of integrated wardrobe and its related supporting customized products. It mainly produces six series of products, including onmuse integrated wardrobe, cloakroom, study, bedroom, dining room and sliding door

ranking of top ten Chinese wardrobe brands in 2016 (latest) No.10 MAG

Guangdong MAG home furnishing Co., Ltd., customized wardrobe - top ten brands of customized furniture, wardrobe - top ten brands of overall wardrobe, and ten influential brands in China's wardrobe industry. MAG customized furniture ranks among the top three of the top ten brands in the national wardrobe industry and the second of the top ten brands in the national customized furniture industry, It has been honored as the executive vice president/executive director unit of many industry associations and professional institutions, the enterprise certified by the State Environmental Protection Administration, and a famous enterprise in the industry integrating customized furniture and integrated wardrobe professional design/manufacturing/sales/service

MAG customized furniture was founded in 2004, which integrates the professional design, manufacturing, sales and service of customized furniture. Since the establishment of Chongqing MAG decorative building materials Co., Ltd. in 2004, after years of development, innovation and determined management, it has become a leader in the domestic customized furniture industry




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