The 618 Carnival of palaid doors and windows ended

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On June 24, the 618 mid year promotion activity of for palaid doors and windows officially came to an end, and the residual temperature of the purchase continues

618 did you all grab the carnival? Did you receive the goods? Did you get any good goods? That good product must be palaid doors and windows...

the palaid doors and windows 618 mid year promotion activity officially ended on June 24. During the activity, Xiao PA was very busy, with thousands of inquiries every day. After the "crazy robbery" of the fans, the activity order volume was thousands of orders, and the total offline transaction volume reached a new high, and the praise was like a tide

the enthusiasm of pafans is like fire. Just look at your consultation:

the praise of pafans

new retail + design is the trend of brand operation today, and the design effect drawing can bring the experience of consumer scenes. Based on the Internet, new retail is a new retail model that uses advanced technical means such as big data, artificial intelligence and psychological knowledge to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of goods, so as to reshape the business structure and ecosystem, and deeply integrate online services, offline experience and modern logistics

this year, we have determined a brand-new brand operation mode of "new retail of doors and windows with design service as the core". During JD's 618 mid year promotion activities, xiaopa sent handsome guys from terminal teams to the stores of major dealers to give product training to the clerks, and also teach the concept of new retail design, how to follow up and transform the orders on JD's flagship stores

our Xiaoxin classmate has to nominate here. During this period, there have been many earthquakes in Sichuan. He is not afraid of earthquakes and insists on "staying in" Sichuan to train local dealers in new retail and design software. The figure below is his figure during training

let me share with you the training of other handsome guys

let's look at our training results

618 after the craze, the residual temperature of purchase continues. Pafans are the most beautiful kids in this street. Thank you for your support! In the future, various discounts and new products will be launched one after another. Pafans should always pay attention to the dynamics of JD flagship store





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