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I invite you to come here. Bauma China will meet again in Shanghai in November. Bauma China will meet again in Shanghai in November. We will keep in mind that Bauma China 2020 will begin in Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 24.The

the exhibition gathered more than 500 international brands and nearly 3000 leading exhibitors

the exhibition area reached 300000 square meters

special period, Such a construction machinery feast

seems to make the "power of China" in 2020 more attractive

the biennial construction machinery competition stage

many of the company's partners

as a major power, the lubrication force behind the most sensitive impedance of output load

the company is committed to providing customers with all-round lubrication solutions

taking innovation and technology as "national priority" Providing continuous lubrication power

since the first BMW Shanghai Exhibition in 2016,

Si Neng has never been absent

Si Neng will take the world this year ™ Series of heavyweight products

take you to appreciate the hard core charm of "being born for construction machinery" by presenting modern industrial style and sense of technology

we look forward to your visit

november 24-26, 2020 09:: 00

november 27, 2020 09:: 00

Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345, Longyang Road)


we'll see you soon...

when a certain load can no longer rise, the exhibition hall address: No. 345, thermal insulation coating, Longyang Road 2, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

traffic route: Longyang Road station, Shanghai Metro Line 2

the pre registration of spectators has been fully started

scanning the two-dimensional code, and the provincial 50 yuan ticket

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