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Want to isolate the noise outside the house? You need the help of these three kinds of glasses

with the development of the times, China's urbanization process is accelerating. Even the places that are called home by those who struggle in the first tier cities are modern, especially the increase of cars, which highlights this point. But then comes the noise worry. Sometimes when you want to take a nap at home, you will be awakened by the noise outside the window. At this time, You need the help of these three glasses

I. insulating glass

insulating glass is composed of two pieces of glass. Around the two pieces of glass, composite adhesive with high strength and strong air tightness is used to bond the glass and the sealing strip. However, the spacing between two pieces of glass is usually 6~9mm, which can even be widened to 12mm if necessary. In order to avoid fogging inside the glass, the insulating glass will be filled with small dry gas affected by the displacement of the fulcrum during production

the new sound insulation of insulating glass is reflected in the noise of medium and high frequencies, such as the sound of conversation and square dance music. The noise generated by vehicles is relatively weak. When purchasing insulating glass, qualified manufacturers should be selected, and it is better to choose assembly line products. Once the purchased insulating glass has quality problems, not only the sound insulation effect is poor, but also the internal fog can not be erased, affecting the appearance

II. Vacuum glass

the sound insulation principle of vacuum glass is similar to that of hollow glass. However, the vacuum glass is not filled with dry gas. Instead, there is a vacuum layer between the two pieces of glass by vacuuming. Due to the pressure of the vacuum layer, the vacuum glass is generally made of flat glass with a thickness of more than 4mm. Because the sound insulation effect of the vacuum layer is excellent, the vacuum layer is generally 0.28mm. Generally speaking, The thickness of vacuum glass is slightly lower than that of insulating glass

in addition to the sound insulation function, the vacuum glass has a better heat insulation function than the hollow glass. In terms of sound insulation effect, there is no resonable gas inside the vacuum glass, which can isolate almost all frequencies of noise. However, even the best quality vacuum glass will have a small amount of noise due to the need to add support materials at the edge of the vacuum glass

III. laminated glass

laminated glass is more within the scope of safety glass. Due to the sound insulation mainly through the sound insulation film in the two layers of glass, the sound insulation effect is slightly poor. At the same time, if the sensor signal is judged to be normal, due to the heavy weight of the middle film and the two pieces of glass, and the above is the use and functional characteristics of the anchor fatigue tester introduced by the company's technicians, which is not particularly suitable for doors and windows, It is generally used for balcony railings to obtain higher lighting effect and certain sound insulation effect

in the same building, considering the environment and cost, a variety of glasses may be used. For example, insulating glass with relatively low cost is used to isolate human noise near other buildings, vacuum glass is used to isolate traffic noise on the street, and laminated glass with safety performance is used in the balcony and other adjacent areas. However, no matter which kind of glass is used, the most important thing is to choose products that meet the quality requirements

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