I will teach you to replace the air conditioning f

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I bought and installed it myself. I taught you to replace the air-conditioning filter element for Zotye E200.

I saw that there were ready-made non-destructive filter elements on sale. Most of the comments were pretty good. Some people said that the card was not tight enough. It was not very expensive to buy it

after waiting for three days, they arrived. They opened and looked at the green filter element and the manufacturer's inverted snap

the certificate of conformity, the filter element body, and the provided snap (some people said that the snap was easy to break, so they gave this)

these snaps are easy to break when opening

it can be seen from the following that the principle is similar to that of the original Intel radiator. Take out the expansion pin in the middle and take it down

use a slotted screwdriver to lift some from the bottom, and then lift them up evenly from the top without damage

then it can be removed

compare new and old filter elements... I really can't see it

or research institution

this is the back, and the buckle is made almost the same as the original factory

there is a prompt during installation. This face is upward because it is not a symmetrical design

but this one is not stable at all. It can move left and right. It is very loose. There must be a strange noise, or it will fall out after a period of time

7. If your metallographic microscope has the function of a concentrated spotlight

Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is listed as one of the 182 key brand enterprises in Shandong Province

I will take it out and compare it. I find that the original one is not a cuboid, but a right angle trapezoid

at last, it was found that the sponge on the buckle was too thin to fix and seal

found the remaining materials for sealing the security door at home and replaced the sponge

the four sides are glued, so it looks much thicker

perfect. It's already very stable. I can hardly shake it with my hands

the clip on the edge can only be pried from above, and the hole position is not correct, so it is easy to damage the clip

I found that a buckle was in a bent state, which caused the plastic part to not fit the glass. After restoring the buckle, install it again. No problem. Zhongtai's assembly process still needs to be improved

this is the last time I recovered the snap racket. I used two new snaps, a 60cm sealing strip and a filter element. Perfect replacement. I hope the manufacturer can improve the sponge thickness in the future. I have a lot of conscience. Now I have time to study the sprinkler of a rain brush. Now I can only spray 20cm

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