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BOPP bottle, an ideal container for hot filling of beverages at the "first Asia Pacific BOPP container application technology seminar" held in Guangzhou, the experts attending the meeting gave high praise to the BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) heat-resistant plastic bottle produced by Hong Kong Huanbao Technology Group Co., Ltd. with high technology. They believe that BOPP bottle provides a new and ideal container for hot beverage filling in China with its superior performance

in recent years, with the rapid rise of non carbonated beverages such as fruit juice and tea drinks, some sugar containing non aerated unstable beverage products are vulnerable to microbial infection. Therefore, these products must be strictly sterilized before filling. In the hot filling, cold filling (bar sterilization), aseptic filling and other beverage filling processes, 5. Push the upper jaw holder to the rear. Because the aseptic filling process has high requirements on the disinfection and sterilization of raw and auxiliary materials and the sanitation of the entire production environment, and the equipment investment is large, most beverage factories in China actively use the hot filling process to produce non carbonated beverages such as fruit juice and tea drinks. The hot filling process can effectively inhibit or remove bacteria, and the process is simple and the quality is easy to control

compared with PET bottles, BOPP bottles can increase the material temperature during hot filling, and can carry out thermal sterilization twice before and after filling; The bottle wall has good gas resistance. Few manufacturers specializing in producing accessories for lighting finished products enterprises can significantly extend the shelf life of beverage products; The cost can be reduced by 15-20%. Since the same material can be used for bottle body, bottle cap and label, it is not necessary to classify when recycling. It is very suitable for the packaging of non carbonated beverages that need hot filling. It provides a new choice for beverage manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises

according to the experimental results of the shelf-life quality changes of BOPP bottles by relevant scientific and technological personnel, the shelf-life of tea drinks filled with BOPP bottles under strict hot filling conditions is more than half a year. It is reported that at present, in Taiwan, BOPP bottles have been commercialized for large-scale production and have achieved good economic benefits

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