I want to install a photovoltaic power station on

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I want to install a photovoltaic power station on the roof. My wife won't let

have a lot of helplessness in life. For example, when you dream about a thing that haunts you, you try to land it many times but are repeatedly prevented. Only the parties can understand that helplessness, but when you do, time will also wear away that enthusiasm

well, here's the thing:

I want to install a photovoltaic power station, but my wife won't let me

I. original intention

in January, 2010, a friend met a friend who was engaged in the photovoltaic industry. He said that it is common for foreign families to install photovoltaic power stations, just like domestic household appliances, and there are subsidies given by the state. The electricity that can not be used up can also be sold to the state as long as the fuel continues to be supplied to the state

figure: foreign photovoltaic power stations

it turns out that there are such beautiful things abroad

I can't help but feel the urge to install a set, and a picture flashed in my mind: rows of photovoltaic arrays were installed on the roof of the house, and it's even less common for electrical appliances at home to use cutting experiments casually, selling electricity with subsidies. You don't have to go to the power supply station to see the white face and queue up to pay the electricity bill

seems to have the feeling of being the master

figure: foreign photovoltaic power stations

unfortunately, there was no relevant policy support in China at that time. Apart from the high cost of the system, it was difficult to apply alone

this can only be done

in 2014, the first household photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 3KW appeared in the community. It is said that 35000 yuan was invested, which became a benchmark case in the community and even in the town. From time to time, there were radio interviews, and the scenery was unlimited

it seems that there are more topics in the gossip among rural residents:

the radiation of photovoltaic power stations should be far away from adults and children; It is said that their family can generate more than 20 degrees of electricity a day; This is illegal construction and will be demolished sooner or later; This is a good thing. It is supported by the state. There are many subsidies, tens of thousands a year; This is to keep up with the fashion. How much do you watch? TV stations will interview and report ˙˙˙˙˙˙

what the villagers said sounds reasonable

so what are the facts

a friend who has been engaged in the photovoltaic industry for many years gave a positive answer. It is worth installing an inkjet head for using ink at room temperature

just as I was full of joy and talking about this matter with this friend, my wife appeared

second, don't let the wife look at this matter, only said this sentence: our house must not be installed, no matter whether there is radiation or not, if you want to install it, install it elsewhere and raise money by yourself

as a member of our family of three, my wife has enough say. She seems to be defeated in the face of her resolute attitude. As the head of the family, I always do anything with the attitude of home and everything. My wife disagrees. I can't argue for my "interest", so I put things aside

of course, this is not about being henpecked, but about respecting women and family

valuing women and respecting family members

III. persuading our son, who has just reached the age of 4, to treat us with a winning trick

every time he sees a Xinyi toy, he will always try to achieve this goal in the opposite direction. It is not too much to say "do not hit the south wall, do not look back, and do not die until you reach the Yellow River"

when you are happy, busy, or when our husband and wife have a dispute over a matter, he will cut in every stitch to make us defenseless, and finally break through our united front to meet his needs

in fact, the children's soft and hard strategy is still effective for us adults

my wife is sensitive to the construction of photovoltaic power stations. During the period of being rejected, she hardly mentioned the words related to photovoltaic power stations

2017, photovoltaic power stations have been seen everywhere in the community. Photovoltaic arrays are neatly arranged on the two-story buildings of many villagers. Photovoltaic power stations in the community are no longer rare. Although they can not be seen everywhere, there is one among several households. It can be seen that people have a much deeper understanding of photovoltaic power plants than three years ago. Now they are not talking about the early good or bad, but how to improve the power generation capacity to obtain more power generation income

in less than three years, we have achieved qualitative change to quantitative change

community photovoltaic power stations

seeing more and more photovoltaic power stations installed, even my wife's best friend installed one at home. At a party, we talked about photovoltaic power stations, and my wife and friend talked about how to improve power generation, such as how much time to do operation and maintenance, and how many years we can get back to our money

it seems that the wife can't get into the topic, which is a little embarrassing

when I got home, I tried to ask, why don't we also install a photovoltaic power station? Based on my understanding of photovoltaic power stations and many friends around me engaged in this industry, our power generation must be more than your best friend's

my wife hesitated

IV. follow up

the follow-up is the process of applying and installing with friends. Everything is going well

the 5kW photovoltaic power station will be completed soon

our region is rich in lighting resources, and subsidies are paid in a timely manner. In addition, friends arrange people to visit the photovoltaic power station on the roof every three to five times. If this continues for a long time, it should not be a problem for the power station to return on time

the matter has come to an end. Now the power station has been combined to generate electricity. Apart from the part of saving electricity, there is still a large part of the surplus of monthly subsidies and electricity sales

but some of the surrounding neighbors are not optimistic

figure: during the installation of the power station,

for the installation of photovoltaic power stations at home, in fact, it is similar to that we have a dog, kitten and other pets that meet the national experimental motor gas standards. Some people can keep pets well, but some people have no patience with them. Pets are either dead or given away

after installation, the household photovoltaic power station will not be all right. Once and for all, the owner should be patient and careful

be patient with O & M matters. For example, we can't fish for three days and sun for two days. Since O & M is installed, we should regularly clean components, check lines and observe the operation of inverter. If the power station breaks down, don't worry. Find a professional company to solve the problem. The inverter and components are guaranteed. You can rest assured

be careful about the inspection. Problems will inevitably occur during the operation of the photovoltaic power station. Therefore, be careful about the inspection. Learn to look at the components, inverters, wiring, whether there are inverter errors, whether the components are covered by dust, whether the cables are exposed, etc

with the photovoltaic power station, there are many more things, and time seems to have consumed the original enthusiasm. The same is true of many things in real life. Before doing things, they are full of enthusiasm and interest, and look particularly bright. However, as the parties put themselves in the right place to do and contact, it seems that it is not as we initially imagined. But now that you have chosen, you should stick to it

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