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Want to know the potential of tidal power generation? Looking at this equipment, we can see that

electricity is the driving force to promote the current social and economic development, and the current electricity is mainly coal power generation. Although it is relatively efficient, it can be said that coal power generation has become the most controversial power generation model due to pollution. In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution, people also began to reduce coal power plants by a large margin

however, social development needs to be driven by electricity after all. Without coal power generation, what can be used to supplement the remaining power gap? Renewable energy has gradually entered people's vision?: Wind power, hydro power, nuclear power, and tidal power. Today's science and technology landscape is the world's most powerful tidal current turbine engine

in the European marine energy center, there is a 550 ton turbine. It is estimated that people call such a generator "ship", which means a bit like a ship. In fact, it is a floating turbine, which looks like the exposed part of a submarine. In fact, in its underwater part, it is a 2-MW SR2000 turbine, but for long-term performance motors

after reading the picture, Chengde zongchi Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in the research of high molecular material experimental methods and the manufacture of material experimental machines. It is estimated that you will understand it. However, if you just look at this picture, you will not feel the power of this turbine that uses ocean tidal energy to generate electricity. Let's look at this guy's data. It is reported that in the past less than a year, The generating capacity of this set of equipment has exceeded 3 gigawatt hours. According to the conversion, 1 megawatt hour is equal to 1000 kilowatt hours. You can imagine that 3million kilowatt hours

is it a very powerful power generation equipment? However, if we tell you that this tidal power generation equipment is only a test equipment, will it fully illustrate the great potential of tidal power to build a quality and benefit oriented enterprise for power generation? Promising

finally, it is estimated that everyone will talk about the impact of tidal power generation on marine ecological problems. In fact, in terms of the acquisition of energy technology, it is difficult to say that there is no negative impact at all. Nuclear power is very powerful, but the technical requirements are too high, the cost problem is too much, and the key is the safety problem. Tidal power generation will bring about some ecological problems more or less. SMM news: in recent three months, however, after all, Under the trade-off of interests, it is a good power generation mode now

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