Tianjin Petrochemical will make every effort to bu

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Tianjin Petrochemical will make every effort to build a "odor free" factory

recently, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei were attacked by smog again. On August 8, it was learned from Tianjin Petrochemical Company that this national super large oil refining, ethylene, chemical and chemical fiber complex is continuously increasing environmental protection capital investment for the source control and end treatment of volatile organic compounds. In the coming period, Tianjin Petrochemical will also invest about 300million yuan for special environmental protection and atmospheric treatment to speed up the realization of the goal of "odor free" factory

in the PTA sewage treatment tank with poor oil return from the buffer in the second water purification workshop of Tianjin Petrochemical, in order to reduce the odor, sixteen blue sealing covers have been installed here, which is equivalent to a huge range hood. The waste gas in the industrial sewage is collected through the green pipe on the top of the sealing cover and treated uniformly, so as to realize the sealing of the sewage treatment process

Deng Chunfang, a technician in the second workshop of water purification of Tianjin Petrochemical Water Department, said: "This is a set of biological deodorization device, which is used to treat the waste gas of chemical sewage. Some volatile organic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and benzene contained in the water are removed here by means of biological trickling filtration and biological filtration, and can reach more than 30 mg per cubic meter. What is the concept of less than 30 mg? That is, the content of two drops of eye drops in a space of 1 cubic meter, and the volatile smell is very strong Trace. "

in order to eradicate the volatile organic compounds in the process of sewage storage and treatment, Tianjin Petrochemical has successively put into operation three sets of biocatalysis waste gas treatment devices according to the properties of different industrial sewage, and adopted the combined process of "biological bed of washing tower", realizing the degradation of VOC and odor pollutants in waste gas, and greatly improving the on-site environment

in addition to the treatment of "water odor", the "oil loading stack" is also one of the key tasks of the enterprise's organized emission treatment. In order to eliminate the odor generated by volatile organic compounds during the loading and unloading of light oil, Tianjin Petrochemical has adopted closed loading and oil and gas recovery facilities for the gasoline loading stack of the Ministry of oil refining, the mixed benzene loading stack of the Ministry of chemical industry and the ethylene light oil loading stack

liuchunxiang, Minister of safety and environmental protection department of Tianjin Petrochemical, said, "as a state-owned enterprise, we have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the social environment. Especially on July 31 last year, the implementation of the emission standard of volatile organic compounds for industrial enterprises in Tianjin made it clear that by 2016, the VOC emission concentration of organized emission point sources of petrochemical enterprises should implement the maximum limit of 80 mg per cubic meter. In this way, we will build a" odor free factory " Our goal is clearer and more urgent. "

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according to reports, odor control is not only a common problem in petrochemical enterprises, but also the most concerned problem of ordinary people. In order to achieve the goal of "odor free factory", Tianjin Petrochemical has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, and has successively completed 11 environmental protection treatment projects, such as oil and gas recovery and treatment of loading stacks, capping and sealing of waste water tanks. By the end of 2016, Tianjin Petrochemical will also invest 80million yuan, which will be imported into China after foreign purification and processing for the construction of oil and gas recovery and upgrading and reconstruction projects for aviation coal, benzene, toluene and other loading stacks, The emission concentration of VOCs from organized emission sources will be reduced to less than 80mg/m3, reaching the domestic leading and world advanced level, and 1353 tons of volatile organic compounds can be reduced every year

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