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Innovative characteristics of grasping the bottle with the hand of edible oil bottle

at present, the edible oil used more in China mainly has 1.8L ~ 2.5L and about 5L packaging specifications, of which 1.8L ~ 2.5L edible oil has designed a "handle" for the convenience of consumers. The handle installation forms of PET bottles are mainly divided into plug-in type and post installation type when blowing bottles. The length of national high-speed railway bridges accounts for more than 50% of the whole line. These two methods require manipulator to cooperate with handle installation or manual assembly during production. It is difficult to blow, the cost of single bottle blowing is high, and a series of use safety problems such as handle falling off often occur. If you want to avoid this kind of problem, the bottle needs to have a certain wall thickness (weight increase) to protect. 2. Molding technology service: assist the manufacturer to complete the product structure design, mold design and injection molding process adjustment certificate strength, but with the manufacturing cost of the handle, the time and labor expenditure of installing the handle, as well as the increase in materials used to ensure the strength of the handle and other factors, the blowing cost of this kind of bottle will greatly increase. At present, a small number of hand-held bottles in the market are not widely used because of their molding limitations, resulting in imperfect bottle structure, inconvenient to carry and easy to slip, and are especially not suitable for women, children and the elderly with small grip

in view of the above problems, Nissin ASB Machinery Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of PET bottle blowing machine, has exclusively developed and launched a new concept of pet hand bottle by adopting the most advanced molding process and mold technology. At the chinaplas2004 exhibition held in early July, this patented bottle made its first public appearance in China on the effective collection of data, and attracted everyone's attention

this new hand grip bottle has the following advantages:

1. There is no need to install a handle

2. Gb/t 10007 ⑵ 008 test method for shear strength of rigid foamed plastics 2. Firm, not easy to deform, easy to carry and use

3. save raw materials. Compared with other hand grabbed bottles, the production cost of a single bottle can be reduced by 30% on the original basis

4. without manipulator, simplify the bottle blowing process and improve production efficiency

compared with the previous hand grasping bottle, the new hand grasping bottle further sinks into about 15 ~ 20mm in the finger grasping part, and scientific stiffener design is added, which effectively reduces the gram weight of a single bottle by about 20g, making the bottle easy to grasp and not deformed. Consumers can easily grasp the edible oil bottle with a filling capacity of 2l. It is reported that this new bottle will first be used in PET packaging bottles with a high demand of 1.8L ~ 2.5L in the domestic edible oil market

this new type of grab bottle of Esprit has applied for a patent in Japan, China and other countries. The company's ASB series, PF series, Pb series and other one-step bottle blowing machines can produce this type of packaging bottle with special molds. This kind of packaging bottle is not only suitable for filling edible oil, but also suitable for the packaging of fruit juice, condiments, mineral water, washing supplies, shampoo and other products

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