Three precautions and five tips when purchasing pa

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Three precautions and five tips when buying paint

paint is an indispensable tool in home decoration. The quality of paint directly affects the quality of decoration. Therefore, when purchasing paint for decoration, you must be more careful to avoid being cheated

three precautions:

1 Only buy what you need

it's hard to say which kind of paint has high cost performance. The key is what you need. At present, the performance of the coating is mostly concentrated in scrubbing resistance, mold resistance, antibacterial, covering small cracks, etc. the price of the coating also increases with the increase of functions. 4. It has high heat resistance. Before buying, consider your needs first. The most expensive one may not be useful to you. For example, some scrubbing times can reach 20000 times, and some 3000 times. The price of the former is naturally much more expensive. However, the state stipulates that as long as the scrubbing times reach 1000 times, it is qualified, so the choice depends on your own needs; For another example, some houses are sunny and well ventilated, so there is no need to waste the money for mold proof function

2. Don't credulous advertisements

remove the fog of paint advertisements and directly ask for relevant testing methods, testing standards and authoritative testing institutions to check the authenticity. For example, the so-called nano coating is not worthy of its name, and there has not been a recognized testing standard in the world

3. At present, imported coatings account for about 45% of our coating market, and mainly occupy our high and middle-grade market. Their prices are 20% higher than domestic coatings. In recent years, the quality of interior coating products has been improved rapidly, and the quality can be compared with that of foreign major brands. Especially in the field of architectural coatings, China's domestic architectural coatings have caught up with the world's leading level

Another novel use is to use the thermal insulation property of pet aerogel for fire safety use

five tips

1 Buy the heaviest package

lift up the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a murmuring sound, it means that the packaging is seriously insufficient, the weight is less, the viscosity is too low, and the regular large factory is made of real materials, so you can hardly hear the sound

2. Buy the lowest consumption

consult the merchant about the painting times and painting area, calculate the dosage and the material cost per square meter, and are not deceived by the unit price of each group (barrel). Those with low unit price often consume a lot, which is more expensive and wasteful after careful calculation, and the quality effect is poor

3. Buy professional

products with good quality tend to be more professional, and provide technical guidance and after-sales service, including pre-sales consultation, in-sales construction guidance and suggestions, after-sales maintenance, etc. in addition, regular manufacturers provide colorful sample electro-magnetic directional valve 1 in the state of power on

4. The packaging of authentic paint with complete information has clear trademarks, origin, contact, net weight, enterprise commitment standards, etc., and its stations can be opened. Miscellaneous paint is often marked with false addresses, and stations are used as a new processing raw material for auto parts

5. The trustworthy enterprises that buy trustworthy enterprises are directly purchased and evaluated by government agencies from the market, and will be listed only if there are no complaints in the whole year

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