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The innovation and development of power technology

1 Introduction

human economic activities have reached the era of industrial economy, and are entering a period of rapid development of high-tech industries. Power supply is a power supply equipment located between the mains (single-phase or three-phase) and the load, which provides high-quality electric energy to the load. It is the foundation of industry

power supply technology is a multidisciplinary interdisciplinary technology that applies power semiconductor devices and integrates power conversion technology, modern electronic technology and automatic control technology. With the development of science and technology, power supply technology is closely related to modern control theory, material science, electrical engineering, microelectronic technology and many other fields. At present, power technology has gradually developed into a comprehensive technical discipline with multi-disciplinary infiltration. It plays a key role in modern communication, electronic instruments, computers, industrial automation, electric power engineering, national defense and some high-tech to provide high-quality, high-efficiency power supply with radial extension and zigzag plastic deformation and high reliability for one-time drawing into a cylindrical cup

many modern high and new technologies are related to the transformation and control of basic parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, phase and waveform of municipal power. Power supply technology can realize accurate control and efficient processing of these parameters, especially the frequency conversion of high-power electric energy, which provides strong support for the development of many high-tech. Therefore, power technology is not only a high-tech in itself, but also the development foundation of many other high-tech. However, if the power technology is used too frequently, the technology and the further development of its industry will provide an important means for greatly saving electric energy, reducing material consumption and improving production efficiency, and will have a far-reaching impact on modern production and modern life

power supply is now a very important basic technology and industry. From daily life to the most cutting-edge technology, it is inseparable from the participation and support of power technology, and power technology has developed step by step in this environment

2 innovation of power supply technology

the transistor came out at the end of 1947, and less than a decade later, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR, now called thyristor) came out on the basis of the gradual maturity of the transistor, thus opening the prelude to the rapid development of power supply technology. For half a century, the development of power technology has been constantly innovated

2.1 high frequency conversion is the mainstream of power technology development

the essence of power technology is power conversion, that is, using power conversion technology to convert primary power sources such as mains power or batteries into secondary power sources suitable for various power objects. Switching power supply plays an important role in power supply technology. It has developed from 20kHz to high-frequency switching power supply with high stability, large capacity, small volume and switching frequency of MHz, which provides a material basis for high-frequency conversion and promotes the prosperity and development of modern power supply technology. The most direct benefit of high frequency is to reduce the consumption of raw materials, miniaturize the power supply device, speed up the dynamic response of the system, further improve the efficiency of the power supply device, effectively suppress environmental noise pollution, and make the power supply enter a broader field, especially the high-tech field, which further expands its scope of application

2.2 guidance of new theories and technologies

circuit topology theories such as resonant transformation, phase-shifting resonance, zero switching PWM, zero transition PWM, etc; Power factor correction, active clamping, parallel current sharing, synchronous rectification, high-frequency magnetic amplifier, high-speed programming, remote sensing and remote control, microcomputer monitoring and other new technologies have guided the development of modern power supply technology

2.3 support of new devices and materials

insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), power field effect transistor (MOSFET), intelligent IGBT power module (IPM), MOS gate controlled thyristor (MCT), electrostatic induction transistor (SIT), ultrafast recovery diode, non inductive capacitor, non inductive resistor, new ferrite, amorphous and microcrystalline soft magnetic alloy, nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy and other components are equipped with modern power supply technology, Promote product upgrading

2.4 intelligent control

integrated components are used for control circuit, drive circuit and protection circuit. The control circuit is fully digital. The software control method composed of microprocessor and single chip microcomputer has achieved a high degree of intelligence, and further improved the reliability of power supply equipment

2.5 modularization and integration of power circuit

the development of power technology is characterized by modularization and integration of power circuit. Single chip power supply and module power supply replace the whole machine power supply, and power integration technology simplifies the structure of the power supply. It has been widely used in communication and electric power, and has derived a new power supply system - distributed power supply, which makes the centralized power supply single system diversified

2.6 standard specifications of power supply equipment

power supply from local transformation of control system to regional management and control 1. To enter the market, today's market is an integrated market that transcends the region and penetrates the world. It must comply with common norms such as energy, environment, electromagnetic compatibility and trade agreements. Power supply equipment manufacturers must accept the certification of various standards and specifications such as safety, EMC, environment and quality system

3 development of power supply technology

with the development of science and technology, the requirements for power supply technology are higher and higher, with more and more specifications and varieties, greater and greater technical difficulties, and more and more academic fields involved. The application objects of special power supply (or industrial power supply) are diverse, novel and complex. Special power supply equipment is required to not only ensure the perfection of internal performance, but also give it various specific external characteristics and external interface methods. This determines that special power supply technology must incorporate the essence of many disciplines and integrate the scientific and technological achievements of all walks of life. The input of special power supply is mostly AC mains power, and the output is in the form of DC, AC or pulse

3.1 AC variable frequency governor

AC variable frequency governor power drives AC asynchronous motor to realize stepless speed regulation, which has occupied an increasingly important position in electrical transmission, and has achieved great energy-saving effect. It is applied to industrial automation, flow control of fans and water pumps, program control of spinning machines and twisting machines, parallel connection of multiple pumps for constant pressure water supply, and synchronous control of frequency conversion of paper machinery. The maximum power is 500kW. Applying AC variable frequency speed regulation technology to air conditioners has the advantages of comfort, energy saving and so on

3.2 electrolysis and electroplating power supply

electrolysis and electroplating power supply requires constant current and voltage. Electrolytic production requires huge consumption of DC power, which is supplied by high-power rectifier equipment. The mode of thyristor current stabilization, on load voltage regulation and saturated reactor current stabilization is adopted, and the maximum output capacity is 3 ~ 350V, 5 ~ 150ka. The pulse power supply is used as an electrochemical process on the metal surface, with an output capacity of 0 ~ 100V and 10 ~ 4000A. The performance of inverter vacuum ion coating power supply directly affects the coating performance

3.3 high frequency inverter rectifier welding machine power supply

high frequency inverter rectifier welding machine power supply is a new type of welding machine power supply with high performance, high efficiency and material saving, which represents the development direction of welding machine power supply today. Due to the poor working conditions of the welding machine power supply, which is frequently in the alternating changes of short circuit, arc burning and open circuit, the working reliability of the high-frequency inverter rectifier welding machine power supply has become a key problem. The rated welding current can reach 500A. The multi-purpose plasma cutting welder has a cutting current of 20 ~ 90a and a welding current of 5 ~ 320A

3.4 medium frequency induction heating power supply

medium frequency induction heating power supply can be widely used in various industries, such as metal smelting, surface fire treatment and diathermal elbow. Up to now, fast or high-frequency thyristors are still mainly used, with a frequency of 500 ~ 80000hz and a power of 100 ~ 3000kW, which has a certain gap compared with foreign products

3.5 power operation power supply

power operation power supply is the power supply equipment that provides DC for power plants, hydropower stations and 500kV, 220kV, 110KV, 35kV and other substations, including the instruments and meters that supply the opening and closing of circuit breakers and secondary circuits, "relay protection, control, emergency lighting and other low-voltage electrical equipment. The maximum output voltage is 315v and the maximum output current is 120a

3.6 sine wave inverter power supply

sine wave inverter power supply requires high-precision voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization and waveform quality. The three-phase capacity of 400Hz intermediate frequency inverter power supply is 30 ~ 90KVA, the voltage stabilization accuracy is 2%, the frequency stabilization accuracy is 0.1%, and the waveform distortion is less than 3%, which can adapt to various loads. At the same time, it has developed special inverter power supply for post and telecommunications, special inverter power supply for power system, power plant and DC battery screen, vehicle and ship borne inverter power supply, special inverter power supply for solar energy and wind power generation system, etc

3.7 high power high frequency high voltage DC power supply

high power high frequency high voltage DC power supply has been widely used, such as electrostatic precipitator, sewage treatment, laser, etc., which are used in industry for environmental protection. In medicine, it is used for X-ray machines, CT and other large-scale equipment. It is used in high-energy physics and plasma physics in scientific research. Military radar transmitter. The maximum voltage can reach 800kV

3.8 fluorescent lamp ballast

the core of electronic ballast is a high-frequency generator. When the fluorescent lamp works at a higher frequency of several kilohertz, matching the lamp with the high-frequency circuit can greatly improve the luminous efficiency and achieve the purpose of energy saving. The power factor is increased to a level close to 1

3.9 dynamic static var compensation device

dynamic static var compensation device has been continuously improved in voltage level and device capacity, realizing full digital computer control. It has been successfully applied in steel mills and other enterprises in China, and has achieved great economic and social benefits

it can be seen from the above that the innovation of power technology promotes the rapid development of power technology, which will make greater contributions to production and scientific and technological progress. It can be predicted that power technology and power equipment will become the leading technology and mainstream products in the new century. (end)

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