BMW brought six plug-in models at the Geneva auto

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At the Geneva auto show, which was "captured" by electrification, BMW brought six plug-in hybrid new cars

the Geneva auto show was in full swing. From the models of major brands, people also called this auto show a return - full of luxury brands, representing the correct electrification of cars in the future. As one of the most comprehensive luxury brands in the new energy product line, BMW Group also appeared with many models this time

among the six plug-in hybrid products launched in the world, they cover all segments from luxury compact to large luxury, including bmw5 series, new BMW 7 series, new BMW X5, new BMW X3, new BMW 3 series and BMW 2 series. The new model is equipped with the latest technology, with a range of kilometers. In addition, the stunning debut of the BMW individual m850i night sky once again illustrates a new realm of luxury exclusive

12 models build a comprehensive new energy product line

at present, BMW Group has six plug-in hybrid models: pure electric BMW I3 and BMW i3s, BMW I8 and BMW I8 roadster, BMW 5 series, new BMW 7 series, new BMW X5, new BMW X3, new BMW 3 series and BMW 2 series. And mini cooper s e country all4 and BMW X1 plug-in hybrid models produced in China

in this auto show, BMW launched its second-generation plug-in hybrid model in up to three vehicle segments. Among them, the latest BMW X5 xdrive45e takes only 5.6 seconds to accelerate in 100 kilometers, with a range of 80 kilometers and a fuel consumption of only 2.1 liters in 100 kilometers; The new BMW 745le xDrive, which made its debut at the auto show, has a range of 50 to 58 kilometers, an increase of nearly 30% over the previous generation, and the 100 kilometer acceleration time of the new BMW 745le xDrive is only 5.1 seconds; The BMW ix3, which will be produced in China and sold worldwide, will also be the brand's first BMW model equipped with traditional internal combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems, and pure electric systems

according to the plan, the group will have 19 new energy models by the end of 2019, and this number will increase to 25 by 2025. In the past year, BMW has successively set new global sales records with a market share of more than 9%. Among them, the sales of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles exceeded 140000, an increase of 38.4% over the previous year. Even in China, where the new energy vehicle market has great potential, BMW ranks No. 1 in the high-end market. In production, there are many parts that work in a flexible state

not only the latest battery technology, but also excellent intelligent Internet experience

the latest models released are equipped with the latest battery and plug-in hybrid drive technology. Among them, the electric range of the new BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid model reaches 60 kilometers, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is reduced to 1.7 liters, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 6.0 seconds. The latest lithium-ion battery equipped with BMW 5-series plug-in hybrid and BMW 2-Series station wagon plug-in hybrid with higher strength, on the premise of maintaining the same battery size, has increased the storage capacity, so that the endurance mileage has increased by more than 30% to 64 kilometers

in addition, the plug-in hybrid versions of the new BMW 3 Series sedan, the new BMW X5 and the new BMW 7 series are also equipped with the latest generation of intelligent human-computer interaction system BMW of the BMW Group, so as to further reduce domestic plastic waste residue idrive7.0 and innovative digital services. The new car's standard intelligent interconnected cockpit, the newly designed instrument panel screen and control display screen with long test cycle can clearly display the detailed information such as battery charging state, electric endurance mileage and plug-in hybrid system working mode. The new digital service also helps to charge the high-voltage battery more conveniently when you go out. Data shows that by the end of 2018, BMW has provided 80000 public charging piles in more than 150 cities, bringing convenient and worry free high-end charging services to customers

bmw individual m850i night sky made a stunning debut, interpreting the new realm of luxury exclusive

this time, in addition to the new models of new energy, BMW also brought a unique luxury exclusive - BMW individual m850i night sky

with customized services, it uses meteorite to decorate the trim panel of the central console, the start/stop button of the V8 engine, the shift lever of the 8-speed manual automatic transmission, as well as the touch controller of the iDrive system and the door sill trim. The nose, center console, brake disc, exterior mirror cover and many other external components contain elements of outer space. The highly sci-fi design and configuration with great performance potential once again annotate the luxurious personalized customization

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