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Bluestar silicone announced a large amount of investment in the North American market

business news on March 9 Bluestar silicone is a global comprehensive silicone supplier. Recently, the company announced its investment plan - to invest in its expansion of production and improvement of R & D capabilities in North America

the plan includes the acquisition of a 147000 square foot original textile and chemical plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the base of the company's two manufacturing plants in Ventura, California and Rockhill, South Carolina

the plant will cover an area of 19.4 acres after its expansion, which has injected great impetus into material researchers for Bluestar silicone to achieve its five-year plan - providing a strong guarantee for Bluestar silicone to become a leader in the silicone industry

"this large-scale factory in Charlotte gives us enough space to expand our production workshops and laboratories, so that we can not only develop in the existing market, but also gain in new fields. In addition, this investment will effectively improve our daily production efficiency and better meet the needs of the market." Christopher, President of North American Bluestar silicone York said

at the same time, Bluestar plans to increase sales, marketing and technical service personnel. In the next two years, it is planned to increase the staff of the new Charlotte plant by 25%

by the end of this year, it is also part of the plan to transfer the current factory to Charlotte factory. The company will take this opportunity to make a series of operational improvements, such as possible data control and mechanical automation

York said that in order to improve efficiency, the purchase and installation of new equipment in new plants will be more localized. In addition, sufficient storage space in the new plant will also greatly improve efficiency

as for the R & D of this investment, Bluestar will transfer the R & D personnel and large-scale R & D test facilities in Ventura and Rockhill to the new plant, so that customers can get better technical feedback, and Bluestar's own product development speed is expected to improve

Bluestar organosilicon hopes that this project will make a qualitative leap in customer supply, production environment and operation efficiency

Bluestar plans to expand the scope of silicone technology in Charlotte plant, including liquid silicone rubber, high viscosity rubber, room temperature rubber, lotion, dispersant, release coating, special silicone oil, resin and antifoam agent. At present, Bluestar has become indispensable in the field of anti stick coatings and textile coatings for automotive airbags. At present, the company aims to improve its position in high-speed development fields such as health care, personal care and solar energy

it is expected that the new plant will be completed by the end of 2013

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