Hong Kong sister Yang Siqi bought tens of millions

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According to Hong Kong media reports, Yang Siqi and Ding Yue appeared at the ninth exhibition the night before yesterday. Yang Siqi performed and sang, saying that they are now trying to make money. Asked if Yang Siqi had asked the boss attending the event for investment experience, she said: “ Whenever there is a chance& rdquo; Will you accompany your daughter to travel during the summer vacation?) She said she would take her out to play, but she didn't have enough time to go to Hong Kong theme park at most. As for her daughter's transfer to international school, Yang Siqi said: “ Yes, she likes this school so much that she says she wants to go to school every day& rdquo;

Yang Siqi said that her daughter likes the new school very much

it was previously reported that Yang Siqi bought tens of millions of luxury houses. She said: “ In fact, it's none of my business. At that time, I just went to see other people's decoration, looking for new feelings, changing the new environment, and looking for decoration ideas. (is it moving?) No, but I also think it's a good time to enter the market. (do you live by yourself or invest?) I am ‘ Look after the house ’, I work hard, and I have a building supply& rdquo; (Miao Fei)

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