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What's the best way to decorate your home? You don't know what to do if you get the key to your new house, so let's hurry to have a look at the decoration history of the owner of Aoshan century city! After reading the owner's experience, Xiaobian had to dare to see that the life after such decoration was miserable! If Wuhan decoration owners want to decorate their homes, they should also make good reference to these decoration experience

1. I especially regret having an open kitchen, which has a very serious problem of lampblack. Chinese cooking is high in oil and salt. Stir frying is one of the most typical ways. If there is no particularly good range hood in an open kitchen, cleaning is a particularly serious problem

2. I regret that there is no small water treasure in the bathroom and kitchen. Hot water comes quickly and is convenient to use

for the decoration owners of wage earners, how to save money in decoration is the primary consideration when decorating their families. If you want to save money in home decoration, you need to start from all aspects and find various clever ways to save money. And should the decoration history of the owner of Aoshan century city above provide more references for the perfection of the decoration. Also hope that the majority of Wuhan decoration owners can decorate a perfect warm home at one time

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