Don't forget the safety problem in decoration

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Room decoration undoubtedly needs to consider practicality, convenience and comfort, but it also needs to consider safety. Don't bury the root of insecurity behind the magnificent room

safety is an important issue that cannot be ignored in home decoration. It must run through the whole process of design, material selection and construction of home decoration. Otherwise, in addition to frequent accidents during decoration, many hidden dangers will be buried in the newly decorated rooms. Therefore, some unsafe practices in home decoration must be avoided

do not transform the structure at will

some residents arbitrarily dismantle the bearing wall or change the bearing wall into light glass in order to change the space separation of the original room. Some residents cut the load-bearing reinforcement on the load-bearing wall in order to drill holes in the wall and open the door. These practices are very easy to cause floor cracking. Therefore, in principle, the transformation of the original room structure should be avoided as far as possible. If reconstruction is necessary, it should be reinforced by pouring concrete lintels or erecting steel beams under the guidance of professionals to ensure safety

do not use overweight materials

in home decoration, raising the floor, laying marble in a large area, building internal walls with bricks and making ceilings with complex structures sometimes require a large amount of overweight materials, which may make the load-bearing of the house exceed the design standard, resulting in the inclination and subsidence of the building. Therefore, light materials should be selected as much as possible in home decoration. When raising the floor, light pearl blocks can be used to avoid the use of reinforced concrete with solid structure; When laying granite and marble, the laying area should be controlled as much as possible; The wall separating the room should preferably adopt light steel keel or wood structure filled with sound and heat insulation materials; When making the ceiling, the structure should be simplified and light materials should be selected

do not change the purpose of the house without authorization

changing the kitchen into a bedroom is extremely dangerous, because once the gas leaks, the consequences are unimaginable. It is also undesirable to change the outer balcony into a kitchen or bedroom, because the bearing capacity of the outer balcony floor is generally not large, and the transformation of the outer balcony into a kitchen or bedroom will increase the stress on the balcony floor, which may be difficult to cause the floor to break and fall off

do not chisel the wall and cut off the reinforcement due to the discharge pipeline

do not transfer the gas pipeline and gas meter by yourself

the gas pipeline cannot be buried in the wall, and the transfer of the gas meter must be operated by professionals. It is easy to cause gas leakage accidents by moving and connecting gas pipelines and gas meters by oneself

(editor in charge of China timber network: Ma Fen)




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