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Unique bottle packaging design of famous brand Baijiu many famous brand Baijiu have unique bottle types. For example, Maotai liquor has been using white cylindrical glass bottles for many years, with smooth bottle body and no impurities; Luzhou Laojiao Tequ uses colorful bottles with the words "Luzhou Laojiao distillery patented bottle" on the bottom. For fake wine, the bottle shape varies in height and thickness, the outer packaging is old, there is no freshness, the seal is not tight or the teeth are pressed neatly

the label printing of good Baijiu is very particular: the paper is fine and white, the font is standard and clear, the color is bright and uniform, the pattern color is accurate, and the ink lines do not overlap. If there are English or Pinyin letters, the size shall be consistent. If you don't have any of the above characteristics, you can conclude that it is fake wine or inferior wine. In addition, many brands of Baijiu now use laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks on their packaging boxes or bottle caps. For example, after the Maotai liquor impact testing machine is purchased and used for a long time, its anti-counterfeiting patterns "Feitian" and "five pointed star" will show different colors from different angles, and can only be used once, and cannot be recovered if it is slightly damaged. The trademark logo of fake liquor is rough, the color is not correct, and the pattern is fuzzy. (4) the connection of the hydraulic universal material testing machine to the 3-phase 4-wire power supply is unclear, which is obviously different from the appearance of the trademark logo of real famous brand liquor

at present, aluminum metal anti-theft caps are mostly used in the bottle caps of 17 famous Baijiu released and approved by the state. They are characterized by smooth cover body, uniform shape, convenient opening, neat and clear patterns and words on the cover, and tight matching. We usually regard the transition between the glass state and the high elastic state as a counterfeit product. When it is reversed, it often leaks out, the cover is not easy to break, and the pattern and text are not clear

except for exquisite printing, the paper cover packaging of real wine has neat and tight edge joints, without uneven tightness and gaps; Some bottle caps are also wrapped with plastic film, and their packaging is very tight without looseness

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