Unqualified plastic bags are still on sale in the

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Substandard plastic bags are still on sale in the farmers' wholesale market

since the green organic phosphorus compounds were given on October 1, our province began to implement the plastic prohibition order which is more stringent than the national standard. Nine days have passed since the order. How about the implementation of the market? On the afternoon of September 9, Haikou Administration for Industry and Commerce organized law enforcement officers to inspect the plastic bag products in Haikou wholesale market and farmers' market, and investigated and dealt with a batch of unqualified plastic bags

at present, except that the use of plastic bags in the farmers' market is not optimistic, there are still a small number of unqualified plastic bags with a thickness of 0.025mm in the wholesale market

the firm is still wholesaling unqualified plastic bags

on the afternoon of September 9, the law enforcement officers followed the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to the aquatic wharf wholesale market. When the law enforcement officers inspected several plastic bag wholesalers, they found that most of the wholesalers had actively sold plastic bags that met the standards. The thickness of the bags was marked as 0.03mm, and they were also printed with environmental protection signs. Some plastic bags were also marked as starch based plastic shopping bags, The staff called it a degradable and environmentally friendly plastic bag. In addition, I saw that the disposable cups sold in the firm were also replaced by paper cups

at the gate of Chengxing commercial firm, the engine speed is still high, which requires the valve spring to have better fatigue performance and anti relaxation performance under higher working stress. Dozens of plastic bags with white background and blue characters are hung. After inspection by law enforcement officers, it is found that the thickness of such plastic bags is only 0.025 mm. Ms. Chen, the shopkeeper, said that this was what was left over from the original sale. If she could not sell it now, she would return it to the manufacturer. Law enforcement officials confiscated these substandard plastic bags immediately

unqualified plastic bags are still in use

law enforcement officers found in the inspection of Longhua farmers' market that many stall owners still use plastic bags with a thickness of 0.025mm, and said they were unaware of the new plastic ban

at a fish stall, the stall owner also used black unqualified plastic bags. The stall owner thought that the law enforcement officers would confiscate them, but he said he did not know that these plastic bags could not be used. According to her, people often ride bicycles outside the market to sell these unqualified plastic bags. Each bundle is 2 yuan, which is cheaper than the plastic bags sold in the market

many stall owners said that the relevant departments should focus on investigating and dealing with those enterprises that produce unqualified plastic bags, so as to stop the use of unqualified plastic bags from the source and create a fair business environment for operators

strive to complete and put into operation three berths above 50000 tons in the first half of this year, and focus on investigating and dealing with mobile stalls.

Wang Hongxin, marketing section of Haikou Administration for Industry and commerce, said that at present, there are few enterprises and dens that produce and sell unqualified plastic bags, but most of them are mobile sales, which brings certain difficulties to the investigation and treatment. The industry and Commerce Department will establish a long-term inspection mechanism to inspect the market irregularly, so that there is no place to hide the unqualified plastic bags in the market

the industrial and Commercial Department calls on the majority of operators and consumers to pay attention to the specifications of plastic bags used. For the sake of the environment, we hope to consciously put an end to unqualified plastic bags. If we find any merchants and dens that produce and sell unqualified plastic bags, we will report them in time

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