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Baling Petrochemical's caprolactam production unit has been shut down due to an accident, and the recovery date has not been determined. It is expected that the shutdown and rectification time will be long. Affected by this, the sellers in the caprolactam internal and external market are bullish for the future Specifically, at present, the Eastern European goods are basically closed. The mainstream price in the market is USD/ton, and the Russian supplier's quotation is USD 2320/ton, The quotation of high-end goods in Taiwan is USD/ton (at the l/c spot, sellers in the domestic spot market are still reluctant to sell, and a few traders offer spot prices of yuan/ton.

the caprolactam production unit of Baling Petrochemical adopts the production technology independently developed by SINOPEC. Another caprolactam production equipment has been implicated, and it is also in the shutdown state. The line is planned to resume operation within two weeks. As for other domestic manufacturers, Nanjing Dongfang currently has a relatively stable production, with an average output of 400 tons/day Right, but at present, the output is mainly qualified products, and there are few high-quality products. The ex factory price has risen rapidly by 3600 yuan/ton in terms of economic strength and scientific and technological innovation ability. The listing price of SINOPEC Guangzhou Branch is 23400 yuan/ton, and its spot price reaches 23600 yuan/ton. Baling Petrochemical's current unit production is more stable than that in the early stage. The listing price of Sinopec Beijing sales company remains unchanged, and the operating points of steel strand testing machine are 23300 yuan/ton

in terms of contract goods from manufacturers, Sumitomo's caprolactam contract in Japan advocated a price of 2300 US dollars/ton in January, the caprolactam price in DSM contract in January was 2270 US dollars/ton, and the BASF contract price was 2300 US dollars/ton. The offer in Taiwan was increased by 100 US dollars/ton, between US dollars/ton

in the nylon chip market, yesterday the high-speed spinning nylon chip manufacturers had the intention to raise prices. The mainstream transaction price of Huadong high-speed spinning semi gloss slicing factory is 24500 yuan/ton. The factory intends to raise the price. The quotation of Youguang slicing factory is raised to 25000 yuan/ton. The price of Russia Youguang slicing, an East China trader, is 24000 yuan/ton, and Jisheng slicing is 24200 yuan/ton. The traders are reluctant to sell, and the wait-and-see mood is high

at present, the inventory of domestic mainstream suppliers is not high, the transaction is in good condition, and the bullish atmosphere in the external market is also strong. Insiders predict that the internal and external market may continue to rise generally in the near future

March 8, this year

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