Unlicensed paint factory hidden in the most danger

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Unlicensed paint factory hidden in the broken warehouse May 11, 2009 according to reports from the public, on the 8th, Yuncheng industrial and commercial department seized a factory suspected of producing fake and shoddy paint in Anyi office, Salt Lake District

at 9:10 that day, the law enforcement officers found the paint factory in a relatively hidden and dilapidated warehouse in Anyi street, Salt Lake District. Before I entered the door, I heard the "roaring" sound of machines coming from inside. Seeing the sudden arrival of law enforcement officers, the workers were at a loss and hurriedly shut down the machine. When asked about the boss' absence, a middle-aged woman claimed to be the boss's wife and said that the boss had gone out early in the morning

there are dozens of bags of paint stacked at the gate of the warehouse. When the law enforcement personnel approach and look up and down, you will understand that "Yuncheng Xiaokang paint" is written on the surface, but the technical research team indicates "South Ring Road, Salt Lake District, Yuncheng City" in combination with the actual site. After asking the middle-aged woman, she learned that the factory was originally located in the city and moved here at the end of last year. She had never applied for a license When the law enforcement officers checked these paints, they found that the paint bag under it was written "Taiyuan Fengxiang paint". As it was a necessary experimental testing equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units, it was suspected that it was a fake paint. The law enforcement officers immediately searched the factory

in the workshop of more than 300 square meters, the East workshop is almost full of various raw materials except for two machines. Law enforcement officers checked carefully and found more than a dozen bags of "Taiyuan Fengxiang paint" in the workshop. At the same time, there are more than 500 pieces printed with "Beijing Haidian Xiangfei coating P-point stress is the proportional limit σ Empty bag of "waterproof putty" paint with the words "P factory"

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