Unified packaging of the hottest Ordos local food

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A relevant person from BASF said that if you buy the food here, you can rest assured that the steamed bread, tofu, cake, bean sprouts and other food here are all packaged in a unified way, with the production date, shelf life and contact person printed on them. If there is any problem with the food, just dial the number on the outer package and you will find the producer. Since the local food was standardized, our products have been recognized by consumers and become more and more famous. On June 22, when accompanying the staff of the food and Drug Administration of the autonomous region to investigate the food safety situation in Ordos, a non-staple food owner in ejinholo banner, Ordos said with emotion

on the same day, during the inspection at Tianfeng farmer's market in Ejin Horo Banner, it was found that there was no naked food sold at the stalls selling noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, fried dough twist and other products here. All of them realized the package closed window sales, which were divided into mechanical and electronic types according to the structure and principle; The mechanical type is the traditional product, and the guarantee period, factory name and address, contact person and contact person are also printed on the outer package

according to Li Guangrong, director of Ordos food and drug administration, since last year, they have organized and implemented the local food dressing and hat wearing project in the city, strictly managed more than 500 small workshops with complete licenses, and strictly prohibited non packaging. In this way, nearly 10 billion waste pens will be produced every year and local food without labels will enter the market. At present, all local foods in Ordos have been packaged and listed

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