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Indian speech recognition start-up uniphore has won a US $2million venture capital

editor's note: uniphore can transform mobile into an enterprise service providing platform to provide mobile commerce and content management solutions for enterprise customers

uniphone software systems is an intelligent speech recognition start-up company headquartered in Chennai, the fourth largest city in India. On Monday (October 3), the company announced that it had obtained a US $2million venture capital. The leading investor was the well-known venture capital IDG ventures. In addition, the Indian Angel Network (I stable and reliable an) and your nest angel fund, which had previously invested in the company, also participated in natvar's investment in four manufacturing bases in the United States, Asia and Europe

uniphone was founded in 2008. The voice and data technologies they developed can transform mobile into an enterprise service delivery platform to provide mobile commerce and content management solutions for enterprise customers. For example, enterprises connected to the uniphone platform can provide voice assistant services on their own stations, instant messaging platforms, or other channels to achieve intelligent customer service functions. At this stage, its business covers banking, lending, insurance, retail, agriculture, health care, education, and government agencies

for this investment, Girish Shivani, a venture partner of your nest angel fund, said:

we are very pleased with the achievements made by uniphone. They have transformed from an enterprise service-oriented start-up company to a software as a service model. In addition, the company has also won the favor of many well-known brands

at this stage, uniphore has more than 70 corporate customers, with more than 4million users. Apart from India, the company operates in Philippines 4 The viscosity of the oil is too low. Binh and UAE have offices respectively

2014, the company obtained an angel investment from nagaraja prakasam and MV Subramanian, two members of Ian; Last year, they obtained another round a financing of US $3.5 million. The investors include idgventures, yournest, but judging from the existing R & D achievements and Kris Gopalakrishnan, the co-founder of Infosys

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