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The unified management platform UMP system of Yugao communication contact center is a unified management platform system of the contact center. It is a forward-looking contact center product. It centralizes all applications of the contact center on one platform for management. Customers can call all associated data through the login of a user account. This not only maintains the consistency and effectiveness of the data, but also greatly facilitates the management of the contact center and improves the management level


windows style, easy to use

the system can use the real workplace agent plan to monitor all agents

the system can conduct real-time monitoring according to the agent status and status duration

KP indicators can be customized and displayed on the real-time dashboard

the system can monitor various status timeout alarms and set the top

integrate current call information, active and called numbers, and call direction

integrate the Commissioner's recent recording, shift schedule of the month, seat schedule, recent quality inspection score and CTI activities of the day

for seats 4 The machine is not calibrated; Real time monitoring and playback of calls

playback after recording can be marked with waveform diagram to identify quality inspection

the attendance function can be performed in combination with the shift schedule

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