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Personalized demand is enhanced. The furniture industry accelerates the reshuffle

de stocking, general brand promotion, innovative product layout, new quality experience... This series of changes urges the Chinese furniture industry to complete the transformation and upgrading

"furniture enterprises must rely on innovation driven, open up product channels, improve product quality, and pay attention to quality experience and demand recognition in order to truly become market players." At the 5th International Forum of the China nasal spray River international home civilization festival held in Keri, Zhu Changling, President of the China Furniture Association, said that during the Internet + period, enterprises want to go further, their product needs are innovative, and their quality needs are tenacious

stable increase completed

Zhu Changling said that from all the data, the growth of the furniture industry in 2015 was stable and improved, and still maintained a rapid growth rate. The overall level of the industry was promoted, and the main operating expenses of Enterprises above the scope increased by 9.29%, profits increased by 14.03%, and exports increased by 1.62%. The furniture industry shows the following characteristics: large-scale enterprises grow well, and listed companies increase; Collect the growth of e-commerce, and enterprises explore new forms; Customized furniture has become a hot spot of consumption, and the new demand reveals the potential; Exploring smart home, hot is to constantly cultivate new kinetic energy of raw materials, and focus on the point of view; Industry cross-border smooth understanding of growth, help the industry build brands. However, at this stage, the furniture industry has insufficient understanding of the two modernizations; The ability of self-reliance and innovation is not strong; The degree of greening is low; Lack of brand support and other achievements

in view of the growth of the furniture industry in 2016, Zhu Changling believes that the two ends of the test pieces must ensure parallel favorable status to support the continued growth of the furniture industry during the four major experiments, which is the adjustment of new urbanization support, real estate destocking, shanty town reform and population policy. Although the industry is still facing the impact of factors such as rising costs, increasing foreign trade pressure and reducing industrial competition, as long as the industry insists on transformation and upgrading and layout adjustment, continues to promote the growth of technological reform and green manufacturing, constantly strengthens quality standards and brand support, and pays more attention to e-commerce, quality experience and form innovation, it is bound to find new growth points for the industry

Zhu Changling said that in the next five years, the furniture industry will try its best to achieve seven aspects of growth: maintaining stable growth; Stabilize the international leading position; Opening up the international market; Further reduce overcapacity; Strengthen the profitability of enterprises; Improve industry R & D investment; Promote the harmonious growth of furniture stores

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, from January to February 2016, the production and sales rate of furniture manufacturing industry was 98.5%, down 0.8 percentage points from the same period in 2015; The export delivery value was 24.98 billion yuan, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 3.0%. From January to February 2016, the owner business expenditure of furniture manufacturing was 110.94 billion yuan, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 7.2%; The total profit was 6.97 billion yuan, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 10.1%

Tu Qi, Deputy Secretary General of the China Furniture Association, estimated that the furniture industry would achieve a stable increase slightly higher than the GDP of the same year in 2016. The growth rate of main operating expenditure was about 8% to 10%, and the export trade was estimated to be the same as that in 2015, with an increase of less than 5%. The reduction of market competition will further promote the cessation of industry reshuffle and the survival of the fittest, and the transformation and upgrading will continue. The hot spots of customized furniture, e-commerce, smart home and user experience will continue to be hot

meet consumer demand

with the growth of the economy, the renewal and utilization of old technologies promote people to find sample clamping more and more convenient for a high-quality life. Consumer demand is undergoing profound changes, and the understanding of quality has also overturned the traditional definition. It not only requires the market to supply cheap and high-quality products, improve the experience of handling affairs, but also hopes to meet the potential demand

in recent years, customized furniture can better cater to the hobbies of consumers, and the market competition is constantly increasing. In the future, the entry threshold of customized furniture industry is higher, and the requirements for characterization and technology are higher. At the same time, because of the recognition of certification and brand attention, customized furniture will face medium and high-end consumer groups in the future

at the same time, one of the most important signs of the transformation of property to service is the service transformation of traditional sales channels. In the future, as a furniture guide, you should not only know furniture knowledge, but also appreciate decoration knowledge, and even appreciate niche knowledge such as Feng Shui and constellations

consumers' cognition of furniture has changed. Consumers not only need more customized furniture, but also need a designer to teach him about home momentum and design home space, so that furniture becomes the most important part

judging from the upsurge of building furniture property parks in all parts of China, the balance of property layout in China is still continuing. In 2016, the handling characteristics of Zhonghua Duju property will double. Transformation is the guarantee for furniture property to obtain higher profits and longer vitality. And having more colorful work will further support the balanced layout of property. On the way of the growth of customized furniture, the competition among customized furniture enterprises will become more and more fierce, and the work of consumers will become more and more attentive

"the rise of Internet and customized furniture has brought relative blows to the traditional furniture industry. What enterprises need to do is to strive to adapt to the changes in the market". Gaoxiuzhi, Secretary General of Tianjin furniture industry association, said, "whether it is interconnected or customized furniture, it is essentially stable. Enterprises should share a share of the market, do a good job in products at a critical moment, and constantly innovate."

2015 is the first year of "interconnection + in the furniture industry". Many enterprises began to test interconnection +, such as some enterprises testing o2o and e-commerce. However, in terms of the current environment, many furniture enterprises show the same obstacles when growing online and offline e-commerce. After a series of shuffling, degradation and evolution, the furniture industry is about to enter a more stable period of maturity, and many enterprises are constantly reflecting on such changes and looking for new prospects. In 2016, furniture enterprises will definitely stop further adjustment and make more improvements in original design, brand marketing team, production of marketable furniture, etc

corresponding to the big environment, the consumer personnel faced by the furniture industry are also growing. In addition to paying more attention to the rigid goals of environmental protection and quality, the consumption ability of consumers and the requirements for the characterization of design and products are strengthening. In terms of marketing channels, traditional furniture forms are becoming more and more backward. E-commerce, customized design and product serviceability include opportunities for rib connection pairs without gb/t 3103.4 ⑴ 992 fastener tolerance and heat resistance

it is imperative to adjust the layout

the result of product layout adjustment in China's furniture market is not only to stop adjusting the products, but also to stop adjusting the enterprise's diffuse layout and regional diffuse layout. For some time in the future, industry integration, adjustment of regional distribution and adjustment of enterprise layout will be a primary content of industry layout adjustment

the innovation achievements of enterprises are not only at the technical level, but also at the management level, which involves the support of the innovation system, but also the innovation system of the industry. Zhu Changling said that the furniture association is considering the establishment of an industry level innovation system, and hopes that the state can introduce some policies to support and encourage

after the market grows to a certain extent, enterprises pay more attention to the growth of branding. Now the market is becoming more and more branded, and the market is concentrated on enterprises with brands, technical strength and capital. The better the enterprise is, the higher the concentration is, and the faster the growth speed is. These enterprises are often large enterprises. These enterprises need to expand production and capacity, but also stop planning and layout in the world, and complete it by building new plants or focusing on groups. While a considerable number of small and medium-sized enterprises, in the process of market concentration to brands, the market share does not increase but decreases, and the preservation is becoming more and more difficult, which will eventually be expanded

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