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Qianjiang tunnel excavation the world's largest diameter shield machine to show its talents

from the east of Xiaoshan Dajiang to Jiaxing and Shanghai, it is necessary to detour a V-shape

at the end of 2012, after the completion of the Qianjiang River passage across the Qiantang River, Dajiang east new city will cross the river in only 3 minutes

On the morning of the 26th, the Qianjiang tunnel, the key control project of the Qianjiang River channel, was officially excavated. The shield machine with the largest diameter in the world started from the South Bank of Qianjiang River to the north bank, and Qianjiang Avenue, which runs through Dajiang East New City, was also started at the same time

there is no need to bypass the V-shape. After the completion of dajiangdong new town, it only takes 3 minutes to cross the river.

due to the wide river barrier, it is necessary to bypass the V-shape from Xiaoshan dajiangdong area to Jiaxing and Shanghai. A method of walking on the second Qianjiang bridge (2) bio based thermosetting high molecular materials: such as epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, adhesives, etc; Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway; Another way is to go up the six bridges of Qianjiang River and turn to Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway via the belt expressway

after the completion of Qianjiang tunnel, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden period of Kemen growth and rapid growth. It only takes about 3 minutes for Qianjiang tunnel to cross Qiantang River, and then you can go to Hangpu or Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway to Shanghai. The drive time from Xiaoshan Jiangdong Industrial Park to the center of Jiaxing will be shortened by about 40 minutes

together with the North-South connection, Qianjiang tunnel connects Shanghai Hangzhou, Hangpu, Hangyong and hangshaoyong (under planning) four expressways. In the future, it will extend northward to Su Zhentao Expressway and southward to Shaozhu expressway. Aluminum pipe lap welded aluminum plastic pipe gb/t18997.1 ⑵ 003 is connected with Zhuyong expressway

this means that in the future, it is very convenient to start from dajiangdong new town, along Qianjiang Avenue, through Qianjiang tunnel, and go to Jiaxing, Shanghai, Shaoxing and other places. It is of great significance to build dajiangdong new town into the Pudong of Hangzhou, and to integrate Hangzhou and Xiaoshan into greater Shanghai and into the Yangtze River Delta

in addition, the airport new city where Xiaoshan International Airport is located is also a part of dajiangdong new city. After the opening of Qianjiang channel, the distance between Xiaoshan Airport and Jiangbei will be further shortened, and the radiation capacity will also be greatly enhanced

The Qianjiang tunnel, a key project, is the world's largest diameter shield tunnel.

the Qianjiang tunnel is a super large river crossing highway tunnel connecting Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou and Haining City of Jiaxing. It crosses the Qiantang River from the bottom of the river 2.5 kilometers west of Yanguan, Haining, Zhejiang, a world-famous tidal resort

as the key control project of Qianjiang River channel and connection project, the tunnel is 4450 meters long, of which the middle section of the river is 3200 meters long, and the maximum buried depth in the river is about 38 meters. With two pipes and six lanes, the design speed is 80 km/h. The estimated total investment of the tunnel is 3.56 billion yuan, and the planned construction period is 4 years

in particular, the tunnel is constructed by shield method, with an outer diameter of 15.43 meters, which is the world's largest diameter shield tunnel. "Tunneling with shield machine is a relatively advanced technology in the world at present. Previously, the shield machine with an external diameter of 14.87 meters was used in Shanghai Shangzhong Road Tunnel." Zhaoyicheng, the technical director of Qianjiang tunnel project in charge of the project, told Hangzhou

at present, the construction of foundation pit, working shaft and shield machine installation has been completed. Today, the underwater shield machine of Qianjiang tunnel has finally started, starting from the South Bank of Qianjiang River to the north bank

Qianjiang Avenue, which was started at the same time, is the South Link of Qianjiang tunnel and the North-South main road of Dajiang east new city. It is constructed according to the standard of "six lane elevated expressway + six lane ground urban main road". With the selection of many industry experts, the design speed is 100 kilometers per hour. This "double-layer" design changes the previous form of highway construction, will make full use of limited land resources, and the construction of ground urban trunk roads will provide convenient transportation services for the development of surrounding areas

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