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Sample text of labor contract


Party A: Shimen Qifeng Mining Co., Ltd. Party B:_________________________

legal representative of Party A: Peng guohuang

registered address: Chujiang Town, Shimen County

Party B_____ Gender_____ Resident ID number___________________

to bring users a better riding experience birthday_____ Year_____ Month_____ Daily

home address_________________________________________

postal code________________________

registered permanent residence_____ Province (city)_____ District (county)______ Street (township)

according to the labor law of the people's Republic of China and relevant regulations, Party A and Party B voluntarily sign this contract after equal consultation, and jointly abide by the terms listed in this contract

I. term of labor contract

Article 1 this contract is_____________________ Term labor contract

this contract is dated_____ Year_____ Month_____ Effective on, of which the probation period is to_____ Year_____ Month_____ End of day

this contract is dated____________________________________ Termination

II. Work content

Article 2 Party B agrees to take the post of____________________________________ Post (type of work) work

Article 3 Party B's work shall meet____________________________ Standards

III. labor protection and working conditions

Article 4 Party A arranges Party B to implement________________ Working hour system

if the irregular working system is implemented, Party B shall arrange work and rest time by itself under the condition of ensuring the completion of Party A's work tasks. Article 5 Party B's overtime wage base is daily________ Yuan or press________ Polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials are gradually accepted by the market for their good performance_____ Execution

Article 6 Party A shall provide Party B with necessary working conditions and tools, establish and improve the production process, and formulate operating procedures, work scope and labor safety and health system

Article 7 Party A is responsible for educating Party B on professional ethics, business technology, labor safety, labor discipline and Party A's rules and regulations

IV. labor remuneration

Article 8 Party A's monthly______ Party A shall pay Party B's salary in currency, and the monthly salary is_____ Yuan or press___________ Execution. Party B's salary during the trial period_______ The most ideal situation is that the measured values are scattered intensively. Other agreements on wages between Party A and Party B_________________________


Article 9 If Party A's production task is insufficient to make Party B wait for work, Party A shall pay Party B the monthly living expenses of______ Yuan or press________ Execution

Article 10 Party A and Party B shall participate in social insurance in accordance with national regulations. Party A shall handle relevant social insurance procedures for Party B

Article 11 Party B's medical treatment for illness or non work related injury shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national regulations. Party A according to____________ Pay Party B sick pay

Article 12 Party B's treatment for occupational disease or work-related injury shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant national regulations

Article 13 Party A shall provide the following benefits to Party B:




VI. labor discipline

Article 14 Party A shall formulate rules and regulations and labor discipline according to the needs of production and operation. If Party B violates labor discipline and Party A's rules and regulations, Party A has the right to deal with it according to the rules and regulations until the termination of this contract

Article 15 Party B shall abide by the rules and regulations of labor discipline, labor safety and health, production technology, operating procedures and work specifications; Take good care of Party A's property and abide by professional ethics; Actively participate in the training organized by Party A and improve their own quality

VII. Change and termination of labor contract

Article 16 in case of any of the following circumstances, Party A and Party B shall change the labor contract and handle the contract change procedures in time:

(I) Party A and Party B reach an agreement through consultation

(II) the objective conditions on which this contract is concluded have changed significantly, making this contract impossible to perform

(III) the laws, regulations and rules on which this contract is concluded have changed

Article 17 according to the agreement in Item (2) of Article 16, if one party requests to change this contract, it shall notify the other party in writing of the change request, and the other party shall reply to the other party in writing within 15 days (including 15 days); Failure to reply within 15 days shall be deemed as agreement to terminate the contract

Article 18 this contract can be terminated after both parties reach an agreement through consultation

Article 19 in case of any of the following circumstances, Party A may terminate this contract in order to avoid such phenomena:

(I) it is proved that Party B does not meet the employment conditions during the probation period

(II) seriously violating labor discipline or Party A's rules and regulations, and the labor contract can be terminated in accordance with the provisions of Party A or the provisions of this contract

(III) serious dereliction of duty, malpractice, causing significant damage to the interests of Party A

(4) being investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

Article 20 in case of any of the following circumstances, Party A may terminate this contract, but shall notify Party B in writing 30 days in advance:

(I) Party B is ill or injured not due to work, and after the expiration of the medical treatment period, it is unable to engage in the original work or the work otherwise arranged by Party A, or it does not conform to the national and municipal regulations on engaging in relevant industries and types of work, and Party A is unable to arrange another work

(II) Party B is not competent for the work, and is still incompetent after training or adjusting the job position

(III) major changes have taken place in the objective conditions on which this contract is based at the time of conclusion

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