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Top activities in the field of advanced materials and processes in China - SAMPE China's 2010 large-scale academic conference will be held in Shanghai in November.

by SAMPE Beijing Branch, SAMPE Shanghai Branch, materials engineering branch of the Chinese aeronautical society, State Key Laboratory of advanced composites, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical materials Shanghai WorldExpo (Group) Co., Ltd. will hold a large-scale academic conference of SAMPE China 2010 Annual Conference in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center from November 10 to 12, 2010

sampe (the society for the advancement of material and process engineering) was founded in 1944 and headquartered in Covina, California, USA. It is an international professional society organization starting from the research and development of aerospace composites and focusing on advanced composites. It mainly provides a high-end platform for the exchange of ideas, release of information, and display of enterprises and products in the field of high-performance materials and manufacturing through academic conferences, exhibitions, periodicals, books, and station information release, so as to achieve the purpose of sharing new materials and manufacturing technology information. At present, SAMPE society has branches all over the world. The main branches include the United States, Europe, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc., with more than 15000 members, including aerospace, national defense, energy, automobile and the scientific and technological document vehicle, textile, medicine, universities and colleges formed in the process of installation, use, protection, inspection and transformation of this equipment and instruments People from all walks of life such as manufacturing industry and sports and leisure equipment

sampe China annual meeting was founded in 2007 by SAMPE Beijing Branch, SAMPE Shanghai branch and materials engineering branch of the Chinese aeronautical society. At present, SAMPE has grown into one of the largest and most influential activities in Asia

SAMPE China 2009 Annual Conference on biosynthesis was successfully held in Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 28 to 30. The activity includes six parts: "2009 SAMPE China international advanced materials and process technology exhibition", "SAMPE China 2009 large academic Jinan experimental machine factory servo experimental machine technical specification requirements too many seminars", "SAMPE China Membership Conference", "hot technology special topic lectures", "innovative technology poster display" and "the first SAMPE international composite manufacturing student competition". As the most important platform for the combination of production, learning, research and application, it is also the carrier for the exchange and cooperation of domestic advanced composite technology. The "SAMPE China 2009 academic symposium" attracted more than 400 delegates from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. A total of 125 papers were collected at the conference, of which 105 were recruited by the supplement of materials engineering, a journal included by EI. The SAMPE journal made a color page special introduction to the annual conference

as usual, "SAMPE China 2010" will be held in Shanghai, the host city of the WorldExpo

for the first time, the large-scale academic conference of SAMPE China 2010 will adopt the form of main venue and sub venue for reports, thematic exchanges and discussions. Including: green composite sub venue, jointly organized by Boeing and Tongji University; Textile composite sub venue, jointly organized by Kyoto Institute of technology and Donghua University; The application of advanced composite materials in the aviation field is undertaken by Beijing Institute of aviation manufacturing engineering; The innovation forum of high-tech fiber material industry is hosted by the China chemical fiber industry association with excellent sound insulation and shock absorption performance; The technical exchange meeting for the centenary of the industrialization of phenolic resin and synthetic polymer materials was organized by SAMPE Shanghai branch and China phenolic resin and plastic industry association, and other wonderful contents

exhibition, academic seminar, innovative poster display, special lectures on hot technologies, annual meeting of members, student competition, these six in one discussion and exchange activities will become another international event in the field of high-performance composites in China. China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, SAMPE U.S. headquarters, SAMPE European chapter, SAMPE Japan chapter, European JEC company, etc. all expressed their support and participated in the meeting. We warmly invite experts, scholars, scientific research backbones and enterprise representatives in this field to participate in the exchange and jointly create a broader development future of the industry

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