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Samsung is about to set up a special technical team for the mass production of collapsible panels

according to industry sources, Samsung shows that it is speeding up the preparation for the mass production of collapsible panels, so it has recently established a working group dedicated to this new technology

the team was established under the OLED Product Development Department of the company last month. More than 200 members of the team are from other research laboratories and relevant business departments within the company; The team leader is the current executive vice president of Samsung display OLED business department. At present, he does not hold other positions, but focuses on the company's collapsible display project

according to the source, the establishment of the new team indicates that Samsung's first foldable smart is about to be launched on a large scale

an unnamed source said: "researchers who have carried out research on the early stage of this technology are joining the new team in large numbers in order to achieve the popularization of this technology as soon as possible."

the move of Samsung display manufacturing department is in line with the recent remarks of KOH Dong Jin, head of Samsung mobile business, who reiterated the company's plan to launch the first foldable smart. He said: "for foldable intelligence, we don't want to lose the world's leading position. So far, due to quality and durability problems, we are cautious about the newly released comments, but now the relevant problems have been solved, and we are about to enter the final stage."

according to the source, since Samsung has preliminarily decided on the new foldable release plan, key component manufacturers, including Samsung display, are ready to start providing relevant screens. Samsung showed that an official also confirmed the establishment of the TF after the coal feeding order was issued at 18 p.m., but denied that the test result of the horizontal angle converted to the Richter value was hld757, any plan for mass production of collapsible panels

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