Sampling of stealth paint of the helicopter that k

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Sampling of "invisible paint" of the helicopter that crashed after killing Osama bin Laden

sampling of "invisible paint" of the helicopter that crashed after killing Osama bin Laden

August 17, 2011

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[China paint information] the CIA is said to have mastered intelligence, It shows that Pakistan once let the personnel pull test aircraft from China be a multi-functional pull aircraft to inspect the helicopter wreckage that crashed during the U.S. military's killing of Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden

according to the financial times, consumers and customers close to the White House and the CIA are more professional technical support sources. Chinese personnel are allowed to take photos of the wreckage and sample the "invisible paint" of the fuselage

it is believed that the helicopter is the latest "stealth helicopter". On the evening of May 1, the helicopter failed in the hunting operation, and the US Navy Seals blew up the helicopter on the spot in an attempt to prevent the leakage of national defense secrets

because the United States did not notify in advance, the killing made Pakistani officials angry. Pakistani officials later hinted that China was "very interested" in inspecting the helicopter wreckage

the report points out that it is led by the ISI of Pakistan to let Chinese engineers and technicians inspect the wreckage of American helicopters

the White House, the CIA and the Chinese government all refused to respond to the matter, while the ISI of Pakistan denied the reported allegations

"stealth helicopter" during the hunting operation in early May, this "stealth helicopter" is believed to be modified from the Black Hawk helicopter

because of the invisible coating, the helicopter was able to avoid Pakistan's radar monitoring and arrived at bin Laden's mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan

that night, although the helicopter was destroyed, its tail fell outside bin Laden's mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan

Kerry, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, will visit Pakistan two weeks later. The financial times pointed out that Kerry had argued with Pakistan at that time that you could see our real products get back to the tail of the helicopter without running so far

the report also said that the United States immediately asked the Islamabad authorities to help enclose the wreckage after the new material in the killing operation was water-resistant and chemical resistant. Later, senior officials in Washington confronted Pakistan Army commander-in-chief Kayani about China's inspection of the wreckage, but the other side flatly denied it

the Financial Times said that the United States was dissatisfied with the information that China had contacted the wreckage, and the White House National Security Committee was discussing how to respond

the New York Times published on Monday (August 15) quoted another source to supplement the Financial Times' report that the United States discovered that Pakistan had discussed inviting Chinese representatives to the crash site by monitoring the dialogue between Pakistani officials

an official of the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan told Reuters that the tail of the helicopter had been returned to the United States after Kerry's visit to the region

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